Yoga Teacher Training – Part 2

Finding the time to write this blog post has been pretty difficult but I’m sat in Starbucks (it’s Sunday so Local Hero isn’t open) waiting for yoga teaching to start and thought this was the perfect opportunity.

Before I started this course I thought I would have plenty of time to write blog posts in the evenings. Finishing at 6 would be a luxury……oh how I was wrong.

I have had pure information overload in the best possible way. I am one week down now and the course is amazing and different to what I was expecting.

My world was turned upside down the night before it all started when The Boy and I decided to go our separate ways. I started day 1 of the course a little confused and a little sleep deprived. But timing is everything in my life and I vowed that after the shit of 2015 I would only see the positive in 2016. And with my yoga everyday it’s been pretty easy. Obviously there have been times when I have felt a bit wobbly but just as balancing a headstand requires focus and a few deep breaths I’ve found myself breathing through those moments and finding calmness when I do.

Week one down and I am elevated with joy. Everyone on the course is very different and we all have different stories and backgrounds but one thing binds us. I love that we are one and we are all on this journey together (for whatever reason). No one has once made me feel uncomfortable or judged me when I messed up (there have been loads of those times by the way). We’ve laughed together and shed the odd tear. The energy in the group is awesome and even though it’s one week in I just know I’ve made some concrete friends during this journey.

The course is lead by Erin Prichard and for that I’m utterly grateful. She is just simply an amazing yoga teacher. Knowing when to push and knowing when to pull back she can read us so well. Her honesty and compassion is profound and she is pretty damn cool aswell.

We have also had the pleasure of a yoga teacher called Pete who has lead us through breathing and meditation. This is an area that my mental crazy mind has always struggled with and I wasn’t looking forward to too much. After spending time with him however I was hypnotised by his energy. Our discussions on philosophy just got me hooked and wanting more. I could listen to him for hours and just wanted to know his opinion on every life question I have ever pondered.
We have pranyama this morning so no breakfast for me today. I will definitely report back and let you know how it goes.

The course hasn’t been as physically demanding as I thought because we are sticking to a set sequence. BUT before I jinx myself it is going to ramp up as we do even more teaching practise everyday. I say that – I feel strong and my abs are peaking out to say hello!

I have loved parts of this course I didn’t think I would and I have struggled with areas I thought I would find easy. I’m still finding my voice, it’s in there somewhere lost behind nerves and self doubt but with the help of the others in my group it will jump out screaming very soon. I hope.

Finally, as a side note, this week has truly made me look at my life and the people I invest a lot of my energy into loving. I have been unfortunate to lose the person I thought was my future but my life has been filled with so much love from the people who cherish me. I can’t show it right now as so many things are going on but I am going to make it my mission when this is over to return the love I have received this week.

If you do one thing this week – just show those that you love that they are loved.


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  1. Laura May 2, 2016 / 7:41 am

    Such a beautiful post Nicole. I’m so happy for you that you’re pursuing this love of yours. I think you’ll make an incredible yoga teacher and I can’t wait to experience that for myself! {“Trust the timing of your life”} xxxx

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