See you later 2015

I wanted my last post of 2015 to be a reflective one. In my Christmas post last week I alluded to the fact that 2015 has been very difficult for a lot of people in my life. To say its been cursed wouldn’t be an exaggeration and my hopes for 2016 as a result are pretty high. I have never been one to get caught up in the New Years Eve reflection but this year I haven’t been able to stop myself.

However I strongly believe that our mental frame of mind is hugely dependant on our perception of our environment and how we choose to react to obstacles that are thrown our way.  In the past few days I have come to realise that I haven’t really stopped to take note of all of the good things that have happened this year because unfortunately they have been over shadowed by some hefty obstacles that I focused on instead.  I aim not to do this going forward and have decided that I will begin to change my way of thinking ahead of 2016 so when that clock strikes midnight I’ll be ready waiting with a smile on my face.  So here I go – my list of how 2016 was not a year in vain.

Good things that 2016 brought:

  • Firstly I moved in with my boyfriend and am loving the new chapter in our relationship
  • I went on an amazing yoga retreat to Santorini that allowed me to further deepen my practise and has set me on the path to completing my yoga teacher training next year
  • Despite my sadness to leave my wonderful Deloitte colleagues I took the plunge and started a new job allowing me to continue growing in my career and meet lots of new people in the process
  • I returned to Chicago to spend St Patricks Day and see my uncle and cousin who I rarely get to see. It was great fun visiting all of the places my parents used to hang out in when they were my age.
  • I have made unbelievably strong friendships this year with people who will be in my life now forever
  • My family have become immensely close as a result of the challenges we have faced
  • We also rescued a dog called Colombo and he is a babe
  • I went on a surfing trip with my boyfriend and his friends – making new friendships and really getting to know where he is from
  • I started this blog
  • My sister graduated and started her first role as a nurse

All in all despite the fact that the people I love have suffered, ultimately this year has been about learning to love deeper and cherish the people in my life. Here is to a year of health and happiness in 2016 – because the biggest lesson I learnt this year is that really, they are the only two things that matter.


This one – no words.

So proud of my little sister graduating.

Visiting Edinburgh with The Boy to see some friends and discover Scotlands capital for the first time. I loved it.

Visiting Chicago where I was born and seeing family! Such a great St Patricks day spent with family and my friend Paddy S.


Supporting Ireland in the Rugby World Cup with The Boy. Such a great few weeks full of visitors and celebrations. Here we are in Wembley before the Ireland Romania game.


I gained these two beauts as housemates and unbelievable friends.


My surfing trip in Ireland with The Boys friends was just a small part of a great two week holiday with his friends and family.


I ran the Nike 10km run with one of my oldest friends Katie!


The most amazing holiday ever!! Santorini with The Power Yoga Company blew my mind. I cant wait to see what happens on my yoga journey in 2016.


We started off the year right – heart shaped pancakes and berry smoothies for Valentines Day. Its the little things that melt my heart.


Celebrating Niamhs 30th birthday!

I moved in with this chipmunk. Couldn’t be happier as a result.


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