Lunch delivered to your desk – Sign me up!

How many of you get to work every Monday without your packed lunch and curse yourself for breaking the promise you made yourself yet again. Every single week I vow that “next week” I will definitely make my own lunches but fail soooo many times. Bringing your own lunches to work and being part of the Tupperware crew saves you money and guarantees that you have control over what you are eating.  But lets face it, we are busy and making a well-balanced, macro measured lunch is often bottom of my priority list. Bad I know. There is a solution!… View Post


  We are all searching for the perfect life – and many Instagram accounts would have us believe that others have what we want.  Social media has forced us to forever be in search of that picture perfect moment and accompanying hashtag.  It can all be a bit much sometimes. Have we totally forgotten how to connect with each other? I go for coffee with my friends and we spend more time taking photos of the cute little heart in our cups than really assessing how each other is doing. Do we ever sit down, switch off and ask ourselves are… View Post

Lottie Murphy’s – The Body

When I was at university I got really into Pilates. I would spend hours in my tiny dorm room watching Blogilates videos on YouTube and banging my head off my bed trying to do corkscrews. I haven’t really practised Pilates since I left uni and my yoga practise meant I never really missed it. That all changed last weekend when I attended Lottie Murphys Pilates event – The Body! I discovered Lottie on Instagram. I follow a lot of health and fitness accounts and Lottie’s page always got me pressing the little heart. Not only that but she has a great blog that I visit… View Post

10,000 women smashing 10,000 meters!

I am not sure I have ever finished a work out and heard my two favourite words shouted in my face – FREE and CHAMPAGNE. Free champagne after a 10km run is only one of the small things that differentiated the Nike 10km run from your standard 10km races.  On Sunday the 21st June 10,000 women took to Victoria park (which is no where near Victoria I might add……don’t be fooled) to take part in the annual Nike Women’s run. I haven’t been able to run more than 5km for a while because thanks to an injury my body has just said no.  However… View Post

Hello Fresh – How I became an overnight whizz in the kitchen

You know when you are walking down the street and people are selling things or handing out flyers?!  Well I have one of thoses faces where these people think………SCORE. Hand me a flyer and I WILL take it. So it was no surprise that when we walked past the Hello Fresh stand at Taste of London last week that I got pulled aside for a ‘chat’ with one of the sales reps.  Fast forward 15 minutes and I’m handing over my credit card details for a weeks trial.  Yup – that’s me! Anyway on Monday night our box of goodies arrived in a… View Post

21st June – Yoga Yoga Yoga

It is the first ever International Yoga day and thousands of people have taken part in a mass yoga programme across Delhi with yogis ranging from school children to soldiers. Millions of others around the world have also taken to their mats to join in the celebration. Across London there was an endless amount of free classes and workshops (a lot outside given the glorious sunshine we have had today) to get people into their downward facing dogs! And thanks to Instagram I have seen all of the days achievements from our London yogis. It is no secret that I… View Post

My week as a ClassPass member

So working out in London can be expensive. I have two gym memberships (excessive I know) I attend yoga and spinning and then love trying out random new studios around the city. My bank balance hates it. There isn’t a month that goes by where my current account isn’t loitered by endless transactions from health clubs. So when I was told about ClassPass I thought all my prayers had been answered. Class Pass allows you unlimited* (*we’ll get to the draw backs later) visits to studios around London for a fixed price of £79 a month. The studio list is… View Post

My favourite Instagram accounts

Anyone that knows me will know I LOVE Instagram. I am slightly obsessed with taking “at work selfies” and showing the world what I ate for breakfast. But what I love the most about Instagram is the online community of people who are interested in the same thing as me and offer so much support and inspiration to one another. I thought it would be fun to do a little write up on my favourite accounts. The below 5 accounts have all offered me support, inspiration or motivation and brighten up my newsfeed daily!! (Slightly biased with THREE out of… View Post

Switching off in Santorini

Today is my second day in Santorini on a pretty amazing yoga retreat. This island is just incredible and the retreat has exceeded my expectations in every sense. One area of my yoga that seems to be getting better is the inner practise. I mean, I love the Asana – I will attempt any arm balance and relish in holding warrior until I’m shaking but I often shy away from the mental calmness and meditative side of yoga. I find it so difficult to turn my mind off and just be still – Savasana is for sure my most challenging… View Post

Meet you at the Barre

Who doesn’t want the body of a Ballerina! When I think of the Swan Lake leading ladies I think of pose, sophistication and PURE and UTTER STRENGTH. You would be hard pushed to find a discipline that pushes the body to such a limit as that of ballet. The men and women who train in this beautiful art form are so in tune with their bodies and are capable of the unimaginable.