My take on the McNugget

I like to pride myself on having a healthy lifestyle but I also pride myself on the fact I don’t live by what I preach 100% of the time. I’ll have the odd night out with the girls and get silly on cosmos and there are days when I love nothing more than getting a take out. When im in the mood I don’t think anything can beat a Maccy D’s but after reading an article in The Huffington post on their chicken nuggets I was turned off completely.  I was slightly naïve to the extent of the pure crap that was… View Post

Is eating “clean” adding to your waist line?

Hands up if you are mega proud of yourself when you have had your morning green smoothie, prepped your lunch and have a little Tupperware full of seeds and nuts as “healthy snacks”! *HAND SHOOTS UP* Unfortunately clean eating is NOT a diet. You probably wont lose weight by stocking up on a press full of superfoods. Superfoods by definition are simply raw unprocessed foods and if you throw them ALL into your morning smoothie you are going to rack up the calories faster than you can say coconut oil! Your Nutribullet hides the fact you have just thrown in… View Post

A little Christmas reminder

Its nearly Christmas time! All that glitters is glittering and I am pouring cinnamon over absolutely everything. Christmas gets me down though. Really joyous happy times usually do. I have this painful habit of thinking of those less fortunate than me. The level of my empathy is sometimes unbearable and can be a burden. I often feel helpless and want to end people’s suffering so badly but don’t know how or don’t have the capacity to do so. I think about all of those that I have lost that should be opening presents on Christmas morning. My best friend who… View Post

Boobie holders! Best and worst for bosom love

Heyyyyyy to all you ladies with a little more junk in the trunk. Or more specifically boobies in the tooobies! Now I’m not saying I’m Pamela Anderson or anything but I’m a D/DD cup and my sports bra is tres tres important. I’ve tried and tested a tonne of brands – with mixing and suprising results. Im annoying – I have a small rib cage which wants a smaller sized sports bra but boobies who don’t want the circulation cut off! You hear me? Unfortunately and most surprisingly Nike come off worst! They offer little support and just do not… View Post

A week full of events

Its safe to say  I live my life through my little diary and this week I would have been completely lost without it.  I had something on every single night. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Monday – Class Pass From the joys of Classpass I hit up Transition Zone in Parsons Green and tackeled their HiperZone workout.  I loved it and felt so energised after.  Its a great HIIT workout and the perfect way to start the week. Tuesday – CocoproBootcamp I was lucky enough to be invited to a Cocopro Bootcamp held in their offices in… View Post

Ireland – my little adventure

This year I went to Santorini on a yoga retreat with The Power Yoga company and absolutely loved it.  I decided after that week that holidays are a great way to incorporate a little fun into your fitness routine.  Unfortunately no more sunshine holidays loomed in my diary……..a two week stint in Ireland however was on the cards. I am lucky enough to have two Irish parents from Co. Kerry on the South West coast and a boyfriend who comes from Co. Kildare (neighbouring county of Dublin) so visiting is made that bit easier.  We decided that this summer we would do a bit… View Post

I Heart Beetroot – Recipe ideas

I am obsessed with beetroot. Anything that is mega healthy and makes everything pink is going to be a winner for me. In my opinion beetroot is the ultimate superfood – it is a great source of iron and foliate, it is high in nitrates, betaine and magnesium and is full of antioxidants. Not only that – it has also been suggested that beetroot can lower blood pressure, increase exercise performance and even prevent dementia!! This veggie packs quite a punch but it was only recently that I started making use of it in the kitchen myself!! I love putting it… View Post

Healthy Book Library Essentials

My collection of health and fitness books is getting out of hand.  I recently moved in with my boyfriend and finding space for all of my clothes was a task never mind trying to figure out where my pile of beautiful hardbacks would be displayed. Ahhhhh. Seeing them all neatly piled up inspired me to pass on my favourites to you guys – so here is my list of what I believe to be the best health books to kick start your collection.   This book really opened up my eyes! I read this on my daily commute to work… View Post

Keeping your protein intake UPBEAT

Diet Diet Diet – apparently its not just the gym that is necessary in achieving our beach body goals! In fact, some may say that diet and nutrition is the most important part. BUT IT’S ALSO THE HARDEST PART. I find it utterly impossible to meet my daily protein requirement, to stay away from the Cadburys (even when it is locked in my colleague’s draws) and to prep my lunches. The diet part of looking good is something I fail on regularly.  So I have been trying to find ways of curing my treat attacks and upping my protein intake.… View Post

I love Waffles

I am a morning person. I apologise.  I know its not everyone’s cup of tea.  I feel perky and fresh in the morning and often get cranky if I am up too late. So with that said I LOVE breakfast. Going for brunch is my all-time favourite thing to do. I am slowly making my way round all the great coffee and eggs that London has to offer. When I’m not brunching it up around the city my ‘go to breakfast’ is either a smoothie or pancakes/waffles. My pancakes and waffles are delicious and MEGA healthy. They ultimately consist of… View Post