Classpass – What is going on!

It started out as the membership to end all memberships! Classpass more or less revolutionised the way we work out in London. It allowed us to access and experience high end gyms around the city for £79 a month. We could work out to our hearts content at some exclusive gyms where without this special membership we would have been subjected to extortionate prices of £20+ for 45 minutes of sweating. However over the past few days my inbox has been jammed with emails from studios notifying us that they are pulling away from classpass and will not be renewing… View Post

Fitness for Free

I am so over expensive gym memberships and Classpass has let me down (I work 9-5……..I cannot attend spinning at 4pm hellooooooo) recently so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of FREE FITNESS! London is a ridiculous generous place when it comes to working out for free.  Check out the following free workouts and use the extra savings to splurge out on a new pair of Sweaty Bettys! FYI they have a sale on now and its RID-ONCKULUUUUUSSSSS. 5km runs – sponsored by Adidas: Up and down the country at 9am simultaneous 5k runs happen every single Saturday.… View Post

A summer body is made in winter!

There is nothing like the Victoria Secret models to kick your summer body motivation into gear! I have just come back from an amazing trip to Norway (which I will do a little write up about don’t worry!!) and am ready to jump back into reality.  I gave up my classpass subscription just before Christmas so I could focus on my yoga but to be honest I am missing the variety it offered. So I am heading back to the gym, back to my routes and ready to kick start that summer bod right now. I mentioned in the ‘about me’… View Post


On my journey to a fitter healthier me I have read countless articles suggesting that dairy is nothing more than the Devil’s spawn and that we would all be crazy to consume it in any form or quantity. After reading a few of these articles you actually start seeing the logic behind the argument. I mean, what other animal drinks the milk of another mammal or even continues to drink milk when it is a fully grown adult. Pretty sure we are the only ones. Milk is full of hormones produced by the female cow with the intention of building… View Post

2016 is the year of Yoga

I had the best intentions to do a 30 day yoga challenge in January. And I have failed. I couldn’t exercise after the whole smear test drama so that meant a couple of days of Jan were missed already……then I got a week into it and wham bham I got the mother of all head colds. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your body isn’t going to cooperate with your mind. Just because I want to complete a yoga challenge doesn’t mean I can. I’m back on the yoga bandwagon now and going to try and get… View Post

A wintery Sunday in Chelsea

There is nothing I love more on a Sunday than wandering around London, exploring and drinking lots of coffee! Yesterday was a perfect Sunday brunch date with my beauty Laura from The Good Wifey. We had heard/seen on instaG lots of good things about Daylesford Farm in Chelsea so we headed down for a spot of brunch, coffee and a catch up. Daylesford is pretty cute – it has a lovely little random Kale tree forest outside the front, a place to “park your dog” and a few table and chairs to enjoy your coffee whilst you people watch in… View Post

A beginners guide to yoga styles

I took the plunge and finally sent off my application form to begin my journey in training to become a yoga teacher.  I am sooo excited about this but very nervous as well.  It has brought up a tonne of self doubt in my own practise and whether the sound of my voice will make people run away in horror! I am putting this to the back of my mind though and embracing the positivity of just going for it. This post is my first post in a series of yoga learning/teaching that will hopefully become a regular feature on… View Post

Lets talk about it!

Ok ladies. It’s time to get serious. I want to talk about vaginas. You know that thing we all have! It’s become so apparent to me in the last year that we are constantly talking to each other about random crap but when it comes to discussing the serious issues like cervical cancer, miscarriages, abortions, sexual abuse – we stay silent! Why? It doesn’t make sense. We literally cannot shut up about Made in Chelsea but god forbid anyone wants to discuss concerns about what’s going on “down there”. Last year I tried and failed to book a cervical screening (formally known… View Post

New Year – Same Me

I have never been so excited to see the 1st January. I can feel in my bones that this year is going to be a good one. Last year I made a “London bucket list” to encourage more exploring of the amazing city I live in.  Needless to say it wasn’t achieved and a few items remain to be ticked off.  This year I have vowed to complete the remaining items AND achieve a few additional New Years Resolutions along the way.  Some are big and some are small but they will all in their own way add to what… View Post

See you later 2015

I wanted my last post of 2015 to be a reflective one. In my Christmas post last week I alluded to the fact that 2015 has been very difficult for a lot of people in my life. To say its been cursed wouldn’t be an exaggeration and my hopes for 2016 as a result are pretty high. I have never been one to get caught up in the New Years Eve reflection but this year I haven’t been able to stop myself. However I strongly believe that our mental frame of mind is hugely dependant on our perception of our… View Post