My week as a ClassPass member


So working out in London can be expensive. I have two gym memberships (excessive I know) I attend yoga and spinning and then love trying out random new studios around the city.

My bank balance hates it. There isn’t a month that goes by where my current account isn’t loitered by endless transactions from health clubs. So when I was told about ClassPass I thought all my prayers had been answered.

Class Pass allows you unlimited* (*we’ll get to the draw backs later) visits to studios around London for a fixed price of £79 a month. The studio list is extensive and includes many classes that often peak at £30 a session around London. This makes it incredible value and a great way to work your butt off around the city. I love trying new places and activities to keep the boredom at bay so this is perfect for me.

So here is a little peak at what I got up to on my first week as a Classpass member:

Edgecycle in Holborn Circus (one off class £15)

Ride Republic in Fulham (one off class £20)

Bootcamp Pilates in Parsons Green (one off class £21)

HIIT class at Tenpilates in Hatton Garden (one off class £12.50)

Power Plate class at Transition Zone in Parsons Green (one off class £25)

I was pretty busy!! If I had attended all of these classes and paid on an individual basis I would have spent a crazy £93.50 in a week. Obviously these studios have introductory offers and deals that can make attending cheaper but I basically paid for one month of the ClassPass membership in a week! Happy days.

Now the downside.

There are a few drawbacks to Classpass. The first, and for me the biggest, is the cancelation policy. I am used to being able to cancel a class 2-4 hours before it’s due to start. I have a busy job and I often don’t know the day before if I am going to have to call off a night of working out. However, Classpass will charge you if you cancel inside a 12 hour window of a class beginning. This means if I have booked into a class at 7pm I will need to know before 7am (i.e. before I get to work) what my day is looking like. Sucky.

Secondly, you can only visit each studio three times in a month!

Finally, and this is only a slight niggle – not ALL of the classes available at the studios are offered through Classpass. I presume the most popular classes are reserved for fully paying members rather than these unlimited passes. However I didn’t find that this hindered my ability to book some really fun classes so I wouldn’t put it down as a huge negative but just something to be aware of.

So – if you are like me and love variety then I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the Classpass two week free trial that is being promoted right now!! Head over to their website and check it out. Your bank balance and booty will thank me.



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