My favourite Instagram accounts

Anyone that knows me will know I LOVE Instagram. I am slightly obsessed with taking “at work selfies” and showing the world what I ate for breakfast. But what I love the most about Instagram is the online community of people who are interested in the same thing as me and offer so much support and inspiration to one another.

I thought it would be fun to do a little write up on my favourite accounts. The below 5 accounts have all offered me support, inspiration or motivation and brighten up my newsfeed daily!! (Slightly biased with THREE out of my five being lovely Irish girlies!).  Follow these girls and improve your daily newsfeed instantly!


So I was a huge follower of Katy back in the twitter days (sorry over it now but it’s so hard to imagine what we ever did before Instagram right!!) Katy was solely responsible for introducing me to squats and lifting heavy (well her and my boyfs PT programmes……I have to give him a little credit). Once you check out her account you will know why – she has THE BEST ass in the business. Forget Jen Selter or whoever the Daily Mail has as their current squeeze because this girl is the real deal. She does online personal training and uses her Instagram accounts as a way to show clients what they should be doing. Expect amazing videos of heavy weights, endless romance between her and her hunky man and gorgeous pictures of her insanely beautiful dogs.



Polly set up the Running for August blog in memory of her friend August and used it as a way to document her training for the 2015 London Marathon. Over the past year I have followed her journey and cheered on when she completed the 26.2 brutal miles. Her blog and Instagram account is so much more than just marathon training and now the marathon is done and dusted I’m sure we can expect plenty more health and fitness related posts to keep us entertained.  Recently she  joined forces with other online bloggers for the lead up to the We Run London 10km in collaboration with Nike – so watch this space for lots of posts around this event. Expect so much colour from this account, fun selfies and running pics around London.



Maeve’s account is everything you want from Instagram. A stunning beauty and ex Irish dancer (waving the flag for Irish dancers woooo) Maeve is an Irish model living in London. I love following her posts – it’s a mixture of unreal fitness advice, delicious food and about the town London fashion. She also has the MOST INCREDIBLE hair I have ever seen – #jealous. Expect rock hard abs, awesome gym kit and wanderlust jealousy.




Hazel Wallace has the best abs on Instagram and is a stunning human being. Her account is a testament to her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and she is an inspiration to anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps. Best of all are the food pics – every time I see a post of her creations I instantly want to get into the kitchen and try and recreate it. Expect amazing body shots with even better hair, healthy food and inspirational posts.




Because it’s not ALL about health and fitness on Instagram. This account is definitely my favourite non fitness one! Jane Cunningham’s Instagram feed is full of interior romance, wanderlust and girlyness. I am so enviable of her beautiful home and how she captures the beauty in just about anything. I cannot wait to get my own place just to use her account as decorating inspiration. Expect flowers, delicate decoration and macarooooons.


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