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Who doesn’t want the body of a Ballerina! When I think of the Swan Lake leading ladies I think of pose, sophistication and PURE and UTTER STRENGTH. You would be hard pushed to find a discipline that pushes the body to such a limit as that of ballet. The men and women who train in this beautiful art form are so in tune with their bodies and are capable of the unimaginable. image But let’s face it – I have a full time job, I’m 5ft2 and I don’t have the mental strength to achieve the bodily triumphs that these amazing dancers do……………(excuses I keep telling myself anyway).

Last week I took a day off from work leading up to a weekend away with the boy in Ireland. Days off in London are the perfect time to test out all the awesome studios around our city because they are often quieter and cheaper. So I walked the LOOOOOONG journey (to the end of my road) to Paolas Body Barre. I very nearly wore a tutu I was that excited, I kid you not.

I have never done ballet but always admired the elegance of this dance form as well as how impressive it is. I am (or was) a competitive Irish Dancer which resulted in a lot of blood sweat and tears during my teens. Actual blood, actual sweat and I can promise you – actual tears! Because of this I feel like I have a good foundation in dance. From the waist down anyway! So ballet has always been on my “to do list” but for some reason I’ve never made my way to the Barre.

With over 25 years of experience in fitness and health, Australian born Paola decided to open a ballet barre and fitness studio and celebrated its one year birthday in March.  Paolas studio is small but perfect.  It is simply put, a dance floor and reception area hidden inside a building on a residential street in the leafy SW6 area of Parsons Green.  I couldn’t think of a more fitting setting for my first ever ballet barre class. So off I went.

Fast forward 50 minutes and my body was crying – with both pain and joy. I naïvely thought that 1.5kg weights and a few plies would be a doddle.  Man was I wrong.  The instructor pushed me until my body was trembling.  I will never under estimate the power of repeating plie squats over and over again with a small weight in hand.  Who needs the smith machine when you’ve got yourself? And a barre.

The class was a lot of fun, it was intense and it worked my whole body in a really low impact way. You will burn You will Sweat and most importantly you will Smile!!! I loved it and will 100% be a regular at this studio.

For more information on PBB then visit the studios website at image


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