Lunch delivered to your desk – Sign me up!

How many of you get to work every Monday without your packed lunch and curse yourself for breaking the promise you made yourself yet again. Every single week I vow that “next week” I will definitely make my own lunches but fail soooo many times.

Bringing your own lunches to work and being part of the Tupperware crew saves you money and guarantees that you have control over what you are eating.  But lets face it, we are busy and making a well-balanced, macro measured lunch is often bottom of my priority list. Bad I know.


There is a solution!

Helllllooooooo Lunch Bxd

I have been road testing Lunch Bxd for a few weeks now (getting a once a week treat with my friend Laura).

The concept is the brain child behind Anna and Naomi both who are chefs in their own right.  They started by creating fresh vibrant dishes and delivering them to the hungry workforce of London on bicycles.
The lunches we had delivered were always delicious.  We were slightly dubious each time we opened up the box that the portion size was too small but honestly it was perfect and we were always full after.


The meals come with your main lunch and a healthy snack – think Proper popcorn or Ombar dairy free chocolate.

We got to try and enjoy courgetti and salmon, chicken and nut salad and a pesto pasta dish.


This isn’t something I would do every day – at £8.50 its definitely worth the money but I need to be stricter about making my own lunch – the bank says so.

Me and Laura would do this as a Wednesday hump day treat.  It was an excuse to sit down together and have lunch which is soooo important if you work long hours sat at your desk all day. It made the day go quicker as we waited for “the man on the bike” to drop us a text to say he had our lunch downstairs.

Needless to say everyone was jealous and slightly confused as to what we were doing! Take that tax accountants – we are cool!!

My verdict: Definitely jump on the lunch-bxd bandwagon but make use of your own Tupperware too – make this a weekly treat and brighten up a gloomy day at your desk.



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