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When I was at university I got really into Pilates. I would spend hours in my tiny dorm room watching Blogilates videos on YouTube and banging my head off my bed trying to do corkscrews. I haven’t really practised Pilates since I left uni and my yoga practise meant I never really missed it. That all changed last weekend when I attended Lottie Murphys Pilates event – The Body!

I discovered Lottie on Instagram. I follow a lot of health and fitness accounts and Lottie’s page always got me pressing the little heart. Not only that but she has a great blog that I visit regularly. When she announced she was holding another Pilates event I had to get tickets!!

I have to be honest – I don’t usually set my alarm to work out at the weekend. I get up mega early for work and if I have time I will do a session before work or fit in a sneaky yoga class in the evening. At the weekend I like to wake up with ease, make a nice breakfast or go for brunch and then do a session if I feel like it. So setting my alarm to be in Covent Garden for 10am was CRINGE. But when my alarm started buzzing at 8am I didn’t even hesitate to get out of bed. I was excited.

I made my way to the Six3Nine personal training studio just off Drury lane – which is absolutely awesome. I would love to get a personal session done in there. It’s smaller than I thought it would be but perfect for a one to one OR a group of Pilates heads wanting to be put through their paces.

Lottie got us started and I have to say she is one of the best Pilates teachers I have ever had. Her voice is so calming and encouraging but she is also young and really fun so you feel like you are working out with your best friend. The class was really dynamic and worked every part of the body. I was pretty achy the next day which is always a good sign.

Lots of goodies from Dust Granola, Clippers Tea, Neals Yard lip balm and toesox!!!

Lots of goodies from Dust Granola, Clippers Tea, Neals Yard lip balm and toesox!!


After the class we all hung around for a bit of food – Lottie made coconut bliss balls which were INCREDIBLE! I am 100% making these again. They are by far the best healthy bites/balls I have ever tasted (recipe here). We were also treated to some Dust granola which is so light, fluffy and guilt free that it was the perfect breakfast to eat after an hour long class.

I left Lottie’s – The Body feeling so refreshed and energised! My hands were full with lots of goodies and I met some really nice people! I can’t wait for the next one.



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