Liverpool Street

Many of you will know that I moved jobs late last year. I couldn’t wait to start exploring a new area of London and knew Liverpool Street would have a tonne on offer. I was a bit shellshocked when I first started working here as all I could see was endless rows of Pret, Pod and Starbucks (with no where to sit down and clear the head from the office). Don’t get me wrong – I am all for the odd Pret Crayfish sandwich but I love trying out new exciting and independent places. So I have decided to launch a monthly location round up. Each month I will pick a location in London and let you all know about my favourite spots within a ten minute walk.

So first – Liverpool Street.


Oh Beany – it was love at first sight when I stepped out of Liverpool St Station and saw a cute shop called Beany. It was like it was meant to be.  The shop is small and holds maybe four tables with some outside seating looking out over Broadgate circle.  If you want to skip the que for food then just pop round to the side and order from their takeaway window.  The coffee here is exceptional – it is esperesso from The Roasting Party and served in coloured, banana obsessed, takeaway cups (anyone who has had the pleasure of a coffee date with me will know I love my takeaway cup – I always say no to a sit in “proper” cup). The place is full of colour, bananas and deckchairs so even in the gloom of winter it brightens up your day.  The salads on offer are delicious and sandwiches absolutely huge. If you love coffee then join the Q at the window and taste the sunshine. I recommend the falafel wrap for lunch!!




I love this gym! I was first introduced to 1Rebel by Lou from LudeLux when she invited me to join the launch of the 1mpact club. It was a great night full of amazing workouts, food and hair braiding and ignited my love for Rumble.  1Rebel offers group classes – spin style, a full body workout similar to Barry Bootcamp and finally Rumble which is their box fit class. This class is awesome and I always leave feeling like a better person knowing I’m not going to need to punch anyone in the face.  They offer hour long classes OR 30 minute lunch time classes with a lunch time post workout smoothie.  The facilities in this studio are second to none. The showers are brilliant, they offer heated seats in the changing rooms and all the latest hair styling products and gadgets. I look forward to going to this studio in the morning just to get ready for work in a glammed light covered mirror. This studio is also available on classpass so no excuses not to give it a try!


Paper & Cup

This is a simple, great coffee café a short walk from Liverpool Street in the Shoreditch direction.  Its great if you want to take 10 and sit, sip a gorgeous coffee and escape the 9-5 (when is it ever a 9-5) for just a moment.




So there you have it!! If you have any other hidden/not so hidden gems around Liverpool St PLEASE let me know.  I love exploring London and finding new places to venture.


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