Is eating “clean” adding to your waist line?

Hands up if you are mega proud of yourself when you have had your morning green smoothie, prepped your lunch and have a little Tupperware full of seeds and nuts as “healthy snacks”!


Unfortunately clean eating is NOT a diet. You probably wont lose weight by stocking up on a press full of superfoods. Superfoods by definition are simply raw unprocessed foods and if you throw them ALL into your morning smoothie you are going to rack up the calories faster than you can say coconut oil!

Your Nutribullet hides the fact you have just thrown in a calorific (but delish) avocado and a tonne of nuts/nut milk (dairy is the devil remember) and other random powders that we are promised will lead to immortality. Before you know it you are skipping along to your morning yoga class after downing 700 calories in pure liquid goodness (and obviously you will be munching on an Instagram worthy porridge after!)

Don’t get me wrong – its so so easy to do it. All over the wellbeing scene we are thrown facts like “Brazil nuts are the only plant-based form of selenium, which you need for thyroid health”.  So naturally we add them to our diet. BUT (apparently) three brazil nuts is one portion and racks up 100 calories. WHO ON EARTH just eats three nuts and then says ” oh that was a sufficient snack I don’t need a fourth”. I NEED A FOURTH…………I NEED A TENTH. We can become obsessed with ensuring we are healthy and getting the right amount of everything but sometimes it leads to us going overboard.

What makes me laugh the most are the healthy desserts in the books of our favourite foodies. I love Deliciously Ella and all she stands for but sometimes I’m just like No.  Please do not try and convince me that your sweet potato brownies are anything like a real brownie. Not only that but do not even try and suggest they are in any way healthy just because they are dairy and gluten free.  You’ve just thrown 14 mejdool dates and a tonne of maple syrup into a bowl.

We also think we can eat the whole tray just because they are ‘healthy’ – because when its healthy the calories don’t count right?? WRONG. Que putting on four pounds after one portion of Ellas healthy brownies.

When we are clean eating we still need to practise the basic rules of weight management – portion control, limiting fats, and maintaining blood sugar balance by limiting carbs (evil carbs though… which I mean sugar and not the good stuff because I love rice and potatoes and all the other yummies). Just because its healthy does not mean you can eat twice as much!

Final thoughts:  Eat clean but be mindful. Eat healthy and clean 80% of the time and then use the remaining 20% of treats to eat “real brownies”. Sorry Ella.



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