Healthy Book Library Essentials

My collection of health and fitness books is getting out of hand.  I recently moved in with my boyfriend and finding space for all of my clothes was a task never mind trying to figure out where my pile of beautiful hardbacks would be displayed. Ahhhhh.
Seeing them all neatly piled up inspired me to pass on my favourites to you guys – so here is my list of what I believe to be the best health books to kick start your collection.



This book really opened up my eyes! I read this on my daily commute to work and would have loved to have seen my face every now and again when I read something shocking.

You said WHAAAAAAT was in my corn flakes.  This was the first food related book I read and it really made me think differently about eating processed food.  Don’t get me wrong – I am still partial to a treat but I have stopped eating ALOT of things and look at store packaged food very differently now.


I waited a looong time for this book to be released.  Rosanna is solely responsible for introducing me to the world of nutrition. I started following her on social media and learnt so so much.  She is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist so knows her stuff and this is hands down the best “clean eating” book from all of the celeb books out there.  There is a tonne of intro material to get you clued up and some really good recipes.  I am currently working my way through them all.


Who doesn’t love talking about poo?  And even better – it doesn’t use over the top science to explain things.  It is written simply and is a bit of fun! But very educational. Written by 25 year old microbiologist Giulia Enders and having sold 1.5 million copies worldwide, this is a must for your healthy book collection.  Your tummy will thank you!!


Oh Jamie – we adore you!! Having sneakily passed over to the ‘Superfood’ crew his new book has everything you would expect from a Jamie classic.  I have always loved his cookbooks because I find his cooking a little more down to earth than his fellow celeb chefs and now he is cooking meals right up my street. Jamie – I salute you!




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