Happy International Yoga Day – 2016

Well HELLO there!! Fancy seeing you here – I know, I know its been ages. I’m sorry.  I have barely turned my laptop on in the last month never mind trying to find time to write a blog post.  I have missed it.  So what better day to get down to putting pen to paper (or finger to key) than today – International Yoga Day 2016.

I have had the absolute pleasure of waking up at the crack of dawn (hello 5am alarms) and teaching two back to back yoga classes at The Power Yoga Company.  I cant quite believe that I just did that.  Who would have thought a year ago that I would get to teach two classes at my favourite yoga studio ever, have a chilled brunch and then sit down in my fav coffee shop to write a blog post.  Is this my life? Or am I am stepping into someone elses shoes for a few days to play pretend.

I dont even have a theme for this post – its just me rambling on excited and telling you all of the weird emotions I am feeling right now. I feel like a camaleon or a butterfly in this weird transition stage. I moved into my new house only on Saturday and am in between jobs so although my life looks completely different to what it did only 3 months ago I know it hasnt stopped shifting just yet and will fall into place slowly.

The past few months have taught me so so much that I wanted to share just a few of the lessons with you:

Love your dearest

I have lost people in my life and have held the hands of my closest when they have said goodbye to the people they love. If there is one thing that has shown itself so blatantly obviously in the past few months it is that life is so short. We have no idea what is around the corner so wake up every single day and tell the people that you love how much you care. Death is a natural part of life but that doesnt make it any easier to deal with. Cherish the moments that you have and dont take anything or anyone for granted.

Be brave

I dont like change very much but have been forced to accept it. I have had no choice. I have held my head high and faced the unknown with courage.  Once you start believing in yourself you manifest your thoughts. I never believed I was good enough to be a yoga teacher and harvested those fears.  My training taught me to overcome any anxieties or doubts I felt and use them to my advantage.  We all need a little adrenaline now and again to kick us into living our dreams. Dont be afraid of the unknown for you can make it what you want it to be. Once you step outside of your comfort zone wonderful things will happen.

Be prepared to be let down

I am extremely trusting with people and potentially naive to those with colder hearts than mine. People will let you down, people you love will walk away from you for no reason.  You will wake up one day and people you thought were your friends are no longer there when you need them. Sometimes you may understand their actions, sometimes you may not have a clue what path they took that led them away from you. Either way you cannot allow their loss to impact your thoughts. People come in and out of your life for many reasons.  Some stay because they have become part of your foundations on this earth, others will leave when you no longer need them.  Allow everything to be a learning experience.  I have had moments over the past few months when I have needed strong friendships more than I ever have.  Some people walked away. Do not dwell on those that turned their back on you instead channel all of your focus on the people who opened their arms. Turn your heart into loving the people who nurtured you and never allow yourself to hate or feel negative towards people. It will do you no good. Refocus your energy and dont take it personally.

Open your heart

I have also learnt recently to just open my heart to new people. Strengthen my already strong relationships I have with people and let others in. I have made unbelievably friends on my journey to becoming a yoga teacher.  People who are on the same path as me share so so many of the same feelings and thoughts. Its been refreshing to just fall into a group of people who I know will be there all the way.  With this I have also realised people who have always been in my life that I maybe didnt appreciate as much. Taking a moment to look around and just love those you have around you.  Entering a point of Santosha, or contentment, but finding so much more than just content once you get there.

Take risks

Yup – I know I am literally the most risk averse person ever but guess what! I have taken a bunch of them recently.  I feel so refreshed.  I knocked down the wonky jenga blocks of my life and I am putting them back together piece by piece.  This time with more thought and care as to what builds up my foundation.  If it does not serve you do not be scared to get rid of it or walk away from it. Yes leaving your job is a risk – but surely staying in a job that doesnt make you happy is also a life long risk? Yes being alone is scary, but isnt being with someone who doesnt make you the best version of yourself worse?

GO for it! I dare you.


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