imageWe are all searching for the perfect life – and many Instagram accounts would have us believe that others have what we want.  Social media has forced us to forever be in search of that picture perfect moment and accompanying hashtag.  It can all be a bit much sometimes.

Have we totally forgotten how to connect with each other? I go for coffee with my friends and we spend more time taking photos of the cute little heart in our cups than really assessing how each other is doing.

Do we ever sit down, switch off and ask ourselves are we happy? Or are we just happy if other people think we are?

How many of us are hiding behind fake smiles and great filters?

At the beginning of this year I started completing the “Five Year Diary”. It seemed like a great idea, a way to look back on what I had done and accomplished over the years………AND the books were all over Instagram. But I started it at a time when I was confused with so many things, my career, relationships and what I wanted generally in life.  This diary was a bad idea.

I embraced the negativity and that’s what this book became – it harboured my fears and worries and reading back over the pages made writing in the following few even more negative. If I had a great day or something good happened I didn’t feel the need to document it because I was living in the moment. I was happy and didn’t have the time to care about writing before I went to bed.  When I was down or upset however the book became my release and that’s where my thoughts went. So naturally looking back the book is full of only negative thoughts and nothing positive.

I gave up on this book. Looking at it I feel like it captured all that was negative and ignored the laughter smiles and good times during that period.

After a conversation with a close friend it turned out I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. She too gave up on the book for similar reasons but as a gift and a way to start fresh she bought us both the Happiness Planner.

Aside from being beautiful and a great bedside table addition the book is set up with a bit more structure than the 5 Year Diary.  It focuses on having 100 days of happiness and outlining goals for you to achieve during this time.  You start by looking at your strengths and weaknesses, what makes you happy in life and what you want to achieve. You then make weekly goals and summarise how you’ll achieve them.

It focuses on looking at what makes you happy and documenting this! So I embark on this journey to achieve small manageable goals over the next 100 days and to be thankful and grateful for at least one thing every day.

I hope to look back in 100 days time and have a diary full of positivity – watch this space.



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