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Fulham became my home about a year and a half ago and I haven’t looked back since. I moved back to London about five years ago and some would say I started collecting postcodes. I’ve lived everywhere – north and south! North will always be close to my heart as it has so many links to family and growing up but now my heart belongs to Fulham.

This post was so easy and yet so hard to write all at the same time!! I couldn’t just pick four top spots in Fulham because let’s face it – this little snippet of London is brimming with places you need to explore. I may have gone a wee bit overboard as a result but I felt like I wanted to really showcase all that I love about my new found home.

Ride Republic

So Ride! This place has (I believe) the best spin classes on the planet. Unassuming from the outside and twinned with a Tanya’s kitchen you would be forgiven for walking right past this place. Step inside however and head out to the back room for a 45 minute killer workout. Partial to themed rides including “battles” between spin instructors and random music genres there will always be something for someone. Even if you don’t take spin too seriously you can head down to a Britney themed class and have a bit of fun. I try to get here with my housemate for an early morning class – she loves perving on one of their hottie instructors so it always makes for a good giggle at 7am. The facilities are great – loads of lockers and showers and the girls are given tonnes of products just incase you forget anything!! I cant comment on what the boys get because I’ve not ventured into their forbidden land. This place gets a 10 out of 10 from me.

Local Hero

My housemates and I go to this place so often I think they practically miss us on a Saturday morning if we don’t! This is hands down my favourite coffee shop/cafe in London. It has a complete local feel to it so the name is perfect – and so is the coffee!! The coffee making is so good in fact I once got an elephant designed in the milky froth of my cappuccino – I kid you not. The brunch menu is where it’s at here – skip the fry up and try out the vegetarian brekkie or the corn fritters with halloumi. Both are out of this world. They have recently refurbished their garden so you can sit out the back in the summer – or if you’re like us, grab a little table out the front and people watch on the Fulham Road. If you haven’t been here already then do it. Go. Now!


The Power Yoga Co

There is no place like home. There is no place like home. I’ve never felt such a connection with a studio as I do with TPYC! It’s everything you want when practising yoga. It’s not pretentious and everyone is super friendly. There are two studios filled with wooden floors and dark walls making for a really intimate natural practise. The teachers are also the best in London! I went on a yoga retreat with these guys last year to Santorini and will be doing my yoga teacher training with them in April. It’s my favourite place in the world.

Manuka Kitchen

This is a really popular brunch spot and rightly so as it serves great breakfasts! Sometimes when I go for brunch I find the serving sizes or options just don’t do it for The Boy. This place however hits the spot for both of us. The Full Fulham Brekkie is huge and feeds him perfectly. I usually go for naughty pancakes and the fluffiest cappuccino ever on the side. Definitely book ahead to avoid disappointment.

Blueberry pancakes!


I love this coffee!

Paolas Body Barre

From the outside you wouldn’t even think there was a studio on this quiet little residential street in Parson but I absolutely love this place.  So much so that I have already done a little review on it.  Check it out here

Fulham kitchen

Go here for the coffee! It’s utterly delicious. I had my birthday brunch here last year and sat outside on their terrace watching the Munster Road go by. The new owners are mega fun and love coffee as much as I do.



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