Fitness for Free

I am so over expensive gym memberships and Classpass has let me down (I work 9-5……..I cannot attend spinning at 4pm hellooooooo) recently so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of FREE FITNESS!

London is a ridiculous generous place when it comes to working out for free.  Check out the following free workouts and use the extra savings to splurge out on a new pair of Sweaty Bettys! FYI they have a sale on now and its RID-ONCKULUUUUUSSSSS.

5km runs – sponsored by Adidas:

Up and down the country at 9am simultaneous 5k runs happen every single Saturday. Sponsored by Adidas, you can treat the 5k as a race or a jog with friends. The runs are timed so you can try to beat yourself each week, if you like. Find out more at

Sweaty Betty

I am having a bit of a love affair with Sweaty Betty at the moment and love their free yoga classes in Parsons Green.  It is totally free to sign-up and become a card-carrying member of Sweaty Betty.  Then you can attend weekly free classes at your local store – there are 34 stores nationwide that double as clubs. Classes include Zumba, Pilates, boxing yoga and circuit training.


Another one of my favourites! Lululemon on the Kings Road offers weekend yoga classes (or barre….as I found out when I accidentally brought my housemate hehe).  Great class but if you are like me your eyes will wander and you WILL mentally spend your wages in the store during your workout and then proceed to physically spend your wages in the store after your workout. Everything is beautiful. They have recently opened a Covent Garden store which also offers great classes and can be the meeting point for a 5-7km run every Saturday at 10am with Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Shane Collins.


Nike hold NTC classes that happen weekly in various London locations, and Glasgow. There’s strength and interval training, run clubs, yoga and train to run classes. I have never been to one of these but some fellow bloggers frequent them and they look great – be warned though, they book up fast.

Spinning at Psycle

London’s hottest spin studio offers a weekly Rehearsal Ride at 1pm on Thursday. It is a chance  for new and existing instructors to try things out on a room of willing riders (guinea pigs).  Psycle is brilliant but can be expensive so this is a great way to get your butt on a spin bike for free!

Reebok’s fithubs

Reebok has had a bit of a makeover of late! Im loving their new line and treated The Boy to loads of their menswear at Christmas (he used to work at Reebok back when he was actually a boy so is a bit biased to loving their clothes).  They have jumped on the Crossfit bandwagon and I think its working for them.

Reebok has eight FitHub stores in and around London offering various free classes including Crossfit, Armageddon (super tough circuits) and yoga.  Find their classes at their stores in Covent Garden, Oxford, Reading, Guildford, Bromley, Bluewater, Richmond and the King’s Road.

London Night Skating
If you like your exercise on wheels, then it’s not just a spin class that will sort you out.

This adrenalin-fueled team skate whizzes through London in darkness every Friday evening. Skaters meet at Hyde Park (Marble Arch end) at 8pm , lace up, and then take to the streets. You’ll roller your way past many London sights, with team wardens at the front to warn traffic that a crazy group of roller-skaters is coming their way. I CANNOT wait to try this out on a Friday night when vino is not calling my name.


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