On my journey to a fitter healthier me I have read countless articles suggesting that dairy is nothing more than the Devil’s spawn and that we would all be crazy to consume it in any form or quantity.

After reading a few of these articles you actually start seeing the logic behind the argument. I mean, what other animal drinks the milk of another mammal or even continues to drink milk when it is a fully grown adult. Pretty sure we are the only ones.

Milk is full of hormones produced by the female cow with the intention of building a 700lb cow from a 65lb calf in just a year! That’s some feat. Another potentially ‘harmful’ ingredient in cows milk is IGF-1 also known as the insulin- like growth factor which is what gives milk its magical ‘growth like’ super powers but some studies have shown links between prostate and breast cancer and this little amino acid polypeptide.

And finally – that age old myth that the dairy industry has been shouting loudly for so long is that milk is good for our bones! Yes milk contains calcium but dairy products are also very acidic. Calcium is wonderful at neutralising acidic conditions in the body and so the same calcium that is in milk is used to de-acidify the effects of dairy! More often than not more calcium is required to neutralise the body and so we are left with a calcium deficit. It is therefore no surprise that countries with the lowest consumption of dairy also have the lowest rates of fracture injuries! Leaving all the rest of us to dwell on the nasty side effects of osteoporosis.

BUT – seriously….is all of this scare mongering? If we all listened to the negative press and studies that all food received we would be left eating carrots that we had to grow ourselves.

Most of the studies carried out on milk and articles written about dairy are done so on milk manufactured and processed in the United States. Rest assured that here in the UK we have much stricter regulations and law regarding the amount of hormones that can be added to milk and the manufacturing of milk is to a much higher standard. Thank you EU!

And maybe it was just the dairy industry’s stupidity for pushing the calcium card at us instead of promoting the high levels of potassium and vitamin D that milk contains.   And we all know increasing our potassium levels after a night out makes it that little bit easier to get from horizontal to vertical the morning after sooooooooooo – DRINK MILK AFTER YOUR NIGHT OUT AND YOU WILL THANK ME!

Thankfully not all of us are lactose intolerant and so adding milk and yogurts and all things COW to our diet allow us to a) not be deprived of the beautiful creaminess of mozzarella or the amazing taste of a great cup of tea and b) reap the benefits of adding cultures to our digestion.

Obviously if you are lactose intolerant, suffering from skin issues like eczema or psoriasis or any type of anti-inflammatory condition like arthritis dairy should be eliminated from you diet. More on this later!

Anyway – I love a glass of milk with my dinner and I don’t think I will be giving it up in a hurry.





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