Classpass – What is going on!

It started out as the membership to end all memberships! Classpass more or less revolutionised the way we work out in London. It allowed us to access and experience high end gyms around the city for £79 a month. We could work out to our hearts content at some exclusive gyms where without this special membership we would have been subjected to extortionate prices of £20+ for 45 minutes of sweating. However over the past few days my inbox has been jammed with emails from studios notifying us that they are pulling away from classpass and will not be renewing their contract which expires in June. My immediate reaction was WTF. I was due to cancel my membership for a few months regardless of this (hello yoga teacher training) but ultimately if these high class studios like Core and 1Rebel don’t return neither will I. However – on the flip side to this I probably won’t be returning to the studios either and I question how viable it is for them to entice steady business through their doors. I could totally understand if classes in these studios were totally booked out and classpass members were taking the spots of someone who otherwise would have paid the full workout fee to attend. BUT I don’t think this is the reality. In my 1Rebel classes there are often tonnes of extra spots and my morning Ride class is rarely sold out so I think the only people that will lose out here will be the studios. The prices of which are inaccessible anyway.

It was touched on in an email from one popular studio that Classpass were putting the squeeze on studios (I guess lowering the price they pay for us to have a spot in a class) and as a result the studios couldn’t sustain it. I understand this and respect that these studios want to operate as profit making businesses. Classpass needs to quickly renegotiate its terms with these studios to retain its members – or people will leave. But a note to these fancy studios – If you are going to charge £28 for a 45 minute class then I’ll see you never. If you are trying to attract the rich and the famous then good luck – I’ll just rejoin Easygym.


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