Boobie holders! Best and worst for bosom love

Heyyyyyy to all you ladies with a little more junk in the trunk. Or more specifically boobies in the tooobies!

Now I’m not saying I’m Pamela Anderson or anything but I’m a D/DD cup and my sports bra is tres tres important.

I’ve tried and tested a tonne of brands – with mixing and suprising results.

Im annoying – I have a small rib cage which wants a smaller sized sports bra but boobies who don’t want the circulation cut off! You hear me?

Unfortunately and most surprisingly Nike come off worst! They offer little support and just do not fit small girls with big kahoolahs. Good for standing still and pretending you are working out for Instagram tho!



Sweaty Betty – great support here! I love this sports bra and the back is nice and detailed. I just about fit into it so taking it off after a sweaty work out is an utter nightmare. Arms flying in all direction. If I went a size bigger to give a bit of breathing space to my boobs it comes up a little big around the chest.


This Sweaty Betty sports bra has the most amazing back!

New Balance – I like this one. It’s simple and does what it says on the tin really! Great support and I don’t feel like I’m a mummy wrapping up for a lifetime of living in a pyramid! The lining is a bit annoying as it moves after you wash but overall a great piece and readily available in TK Maxx


New Balance

Under Armour – 100% the best sports bra I’ve ever owned! I love the fit and support and LOVE all the colours it comes in. The crossed back is really flattering and it’s a steal at £20!


I love Under Armour!


Nike just doesn’t cut it!


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