Bikram – Clapham Junction

Having long been a veteran for all things health and fitness related I cant believe it has taken me so long to try out Bikram yoga. Last week I reluctantly ventured to Clapham Junctions Bikram Yoga studio with a friend of mine who is training for a triathlon. Now I say reluctantly because I’m a big fan yoga but I am also pretty sceptical about the validity of all the benefits behind Bikram Choudhury’s copyrighted 26 poses – but hey don’t knock it until you try it right.

Firstly – the staff were so so friendly and helpful.  This always sits well with me when trying out new fitness studios because it really does make a difference. I felt welcomed and put at ease immediately.

I cant fault the studio itself – the facilities were great and the atmosphere was calming….they even have bean bags and unlimited free green tea on offer (great for pre and post backward bending socialising).

The location is also great – a stones throw for Clapham junction station means there is absolutely no excuse not to make your classes.

Now down to the hot stuff.

The room was hot. Very hot.  But strangely not uncomfortable.  I quickly adjusted to the heat and after some very strange breathing exercises started to relax into it.

The 90 minutes seemed to fly by and I never felt like I was clock watching.  In fact it went a little faster than I anticipated having been used to me standard 60 minute yoga classes.

My job in the city requires endless hours sat on my butt staring into the realm of cyber space and spreadsheets.  My neck in particular takes an awful bashing from this and I am often conscious of my posture slipping.  The biggest and bestest attribute for me about bikram was that the poses open up your neck and back.  I felt so so relaxed in my spine after and felt like all the naughtiness of my chair bound day had been undone.  Even if for only a few hours.

I am going to keep up with the classes as I signed up for the “20 days unlimited for £35” offer so I will do another write up once I am finished to let you all know my progress.  I am planning on going 3 times a week to really see the benefits.

I highly recommend Clapham Junction’s studio purely because of the friendly atmosphere.  Their details can be found below:


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