August reflecting

I love reflecting on the past. I don’t dwell – i look back and smile, at the good and the bad and see how much I’ve grown or changed as a person. I love writing it all down and getting my thoughts out of my head and onto paper/(cyberspace).

To say I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last year is a little cliche, I haven’t – I change every single day depending on my mood so I’m never going to know “who I am”. Sometimes I’m the strongest person ever, I’m everyone’s rock. At times I’m dead serious, at times I can be a lunatic. Some weeks I’m a typical yogi and other times I’m a wreckless party animal. Lord knows who I am but that’s half of the fun. Instead I’ve learnt about the world.

I’m writing this because it’s August and this time last year it all seemed so sweet – I thought I knew it all aswell! So much “real shit” happened in the last 12 months but I’ve not fallen off the planet. I would say it’s been a year for “coming of age” but I’ve never felt younger!! I’ve never felt lighter but I’ve never felt wiser.

This world and this life is all about people. Life’s greatest joys and greatest tragedies all revolve around our human interaction with others. The families we create, the loved ones we nurture, the lives we lose. It’s all people. Nothing else in this world really impacts our day to day feelings and happiness other than others. I’ve chosen who I want to impact my life in a positive way and am freer and lighter than ever before!


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