2016 is the year of Yoga

I had the best intentions to do a 30 day yoga challenge in January. And I have failed. I couldn’t exercise after the whole smear test drama so that meant a couple of days of Jan were missed already……then I got a week into it and wham bham I got the mother of all head colds. Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that your body isn’t going to cooperate with your mind. Just because I want to complete a yoga challenge doesn’t mean I can. I’m back on the yoga bandwagon now and going to try and get stuck into my three month pass at @triyogauk I won’t sign myself up for 7 classes a week because I won’t achieve it – and I don’t want to set myself up for failure. So instead I am taking each day as it comes until I get back into my routine

Last week I applied and was accepted onto a Yoga teacher training course.  So by May time I will be fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga.  I absolutely love Vinyasa classes so will hopefully base my classes around power yoga with lots of flow.  I will document my progress over the next few months and answer any questions that pop up!

I wont be giving up my day job – the bank said so! But I will be incorporating it into my life with the aim of offering corporate yoga classes.  I cant wait.  Its something I have wanted to do for a while and this year just felt right. So from now until then I will be doing a tonne of yoga to get me physically ready to begin the course whilst brushing up on my Sanskirt and anatomy revision.

Watch this space.



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