• August reflecting

  • Lean in 15 and why I was wrong about Joe Wicks

  • Happy International Yoga Day – 2016

  • Yoga teacher training – Part 3

August reflecting

I love reflecting on the past. I don’t dwell – i look back and smile, at the good and the bad and see how much I’ve grown or changed as a person. I love writing it all down and getting my thoughts out of my head and onto paper/(cyberspace). To say I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last year is a little cliche, I haven’t – I change every single day depending on my mood so I’m never going to know “who I am”. Sometimes I’m the strongest person ever, I’m everyone’s rock. At times I’m dead serious,… View Post

Lean in 15 and why I was wrong about Joe Wicks

Man do I hate being proven wrong! Or those annoying times when I feel like I have to “take it back” but I will hold my hands up and say that Joe Wicks from The Body Coach is a legend. I started following Joe on Instagram but left his account last year. I’m not a fan of body transformations taking up my news feed and quite frankly some of his videos were kind of annoying. I couldn’t work out whether I LOVED him or HATED him. (Disclaimer: obviously I would never hate him – what he is doing is unreal… View Post

Happy International Yoga Day – 2016

Well HELLO there!! Fancy seeing you here – I know, I know its been ages. I’m sorry.  I have barely turned my laptop on in the last month never mind trying to find time to write a blog post.  I have missed it.  So what better day to get down to putting pen to paper (or finger to key) than today – International Yoga Day 2016. I have had the absolute pleasure of waking up at the crack of dawn (hello 5am alarms) and teaching two back to back yoga classes at The Power Yoga Company.  I cant quite believe… View Post

Yoga teacher training – Part 3

I never thought I was a crier but boy was I wrong! When we said goodbye on the last day of our yoga intensive period yesterday, one look from my gorgeous fellow Yogi Robyn and I was a goner. I’ve bonded with people who will remain true friends forever and I’ve met people who have simply become my sisters. Today is the first day back in the “real world” and it’s strange because my perception of reality has now massively changed. For me – yoga is now part of my life and my everyday in a much bigger way than… View Post

Yoga Teacher Training – Part 2

Finding the time to write this blog post has been pretty difficult but I’m sat in Starbucks (it’s Sunday so Local Hero isn’t open) waiting for yoga teaching to start and thought this was the perfect opportunity. Before I started this course I thought I would have plenty of time to write blog posts in the evenings. Finishing at 6 would be a luxury……oh how I was wrong. I have had pure information overload in the best possible way. I am one week down now and the course is amazing and different to what I was expecting. My world was… View Post

Yoga Teacher training – Part 1

As many of you know I begin my yoga teacher training intensive tomorrow and I am feeling a tonne of emotions. Excitement, fear, confusion, self doubt, giddiness – you name it I’m feeling it. Many paths have led me to this point and so I wanted to break down what it was that got me to where I am. Firstly, yoga itself! I started training at The Power Yoga Company in Parsons Green when I moved to Fulham and fell in love with the deep physical practise almost immediately. I have always liked to push myself physically and it offered immense challenges… View Post

Fulham SW6

Fulham became my home about a year and a half ago and I haven’t looked back since. I moved back to London about five years ago and some would say I started collecting postcodes. I’ve lived everywhere – north and south! North will always be close to my heart as it has so many links to family and growing up but now my heart belongs to Fulham. This post was so easy and yet so hard to write all at the same time!! I couldn’t just pick four top spots in Fulham because let’s face it – this little snippet… View Post

Diary of a chocoholic

The bio on my Twitter account reads “diary of a chocoholic” because ever since I can remember I have had a ridiculous addiction to chocolate. It’s never bothered me – it’s my only real vice. I work out and eat relatively well and I’m not a party animal so eating my body weight in chocolate seemed OK to me. Another little thing you should know about me is that I am competitive. I want to win and be the best at everything. So when The Boy said there was no way I would give up chocolate for lent I felt challenged and determined to prove… View Post


So last week my yoga teacher wanted us to be focused. That was our intention for the class. She asked us to visualise someone who inspires us and for some unknown reason I couldn’t think of anyone in particular. I am inspired daily by my family and friends but I don’t have someone right now who totally inspires me to be the best version of myself. And that in itself is depressing. I was confused and frustrated that in the moment I couldn’t think of one damn person to focus on who inspires me. I have had role models in the… View Post

Liverpool Street

Many of you will know that I moved jobs late last year. I couldn’t wait to start exploring a new area of London and knew Liverpool Street would have a tonne on offer. I was a bit shellshocked when I first started working here as all I could see was endless rows of Pret, Pod and Starbucks (with no where to sit down and clear the head from the office). Don’t get me wrong – I am all for the odd Pret Crayfish sandwich but I love trying out new exciting and independent places. So I have decided to launch a monthly… View Post